Product Overview

Double Skin Modular Air Handling Unit

Air Flow : 1100-90000 m³/hr
Made in : Malaysia

Standard Features

  • Variable dimensioning features for flexible cabinet sizing (increment 100mm in height and width)
  • External Galvanized and internal painted cabinet
  • Multiple section depth
  • Variable coil casing and drain pan material
  • Mixing boxes
  • Low leakage damper
  • Face and by pass dampers
  • Double sloped drain pan
  • Different filter grade
  • Variable fan selection include forward-curved, backward curved and airfoil
  • Variable frequency drive / Frequency inverter (VFD) and thermistor
  • Electric heater
  • Sound Attenuator/ silencer
  • Energy Recovery Section ( Heat Recovery Wheel and Heat Pipe)
  • Accessible and maintenance
  • Flexibility section for shipment