FWC (Ceiling Concealed)


FWC (Ceiling Concealed)

Space Saving
Different types of fan coil units are designed to be both versatile and space saving to suit every interior design. Ceiling concealed type for the sophisticated, luxurious floor space saving, all kind of interior decoration; ceiling exposed type for economical and space saving installation; etc.
Zone Control
These fan coil units can be installed in different zones as each unit operates independently. Zone control on energy saving, different comfort requirement; better air distribution needs can therefore be easily achieved.
Unique Features For DCC-CW Series
Elegance And Prestige
As the unit is installed above the ceiling with only the supply and return air grille exposed to view, the air conditioned space will appear as elegant and prestigious as a centralized air conditioned area.
Evergreen Design
This unit will never become obsolete as the unit is completely concealed away. Interior decoration for maximum aesthetic beauty as well as interior design is easily achieved.
Superior Air Distribution
As the conditioned air can be distributed to every corner of the area by air duct, this will ensure more pleasant living environment, thus provide extra comfort to the occupants.
Optional Duct Accessories
The optional duct accessories makes the ducting and installation work so easy.
Optional Wired Controller
Optional Netware wired controller offers simple and flexibility in controlling the unit.

Capacity : 300 to 1,550 CFM
Made in Malaysia