Service & Solutions Div. At a Glance

DASI service & solutions your one stop solutions for comprehensive HVAC service solutions for today’s building capital budgeting – enhance your HVAC assets wwih strategic planning to offset future energy costs and aging infrastructure.

Planned Maintance – protect your valuable assets with a results-oriented maintenance strategy desiged to meet your specific business requirements and objectives. Emergency Repairs – we offer emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a wide variety of HVAC equipment. Equipment Modernizations – our technicians can optimize your older chiller to improve energy efficiency.

Equipment Replacement – we offer engineered turnkey equipment replacements. A newer more efficient model can typically pay for itself in a short time based on energy savings alone. Sustainable Systems – DASI have expertise system to evaluate and recommend system upgrades and modernization for existing buildings.


We have taken this a step further with our 24 hour Call Centre which handles all inquiries and emergency calls and is a Data Centre which keeps the historical data of equipments and systems. This is to ensure better asset management and enhance performance control as our clients are able to use remote monitors to track all the relevant data they need.

Together with our clients we achieve sustained peak performances from their system while maintaining a cost-effective operational budget. DASI also provides facility management which allows our clients the freedom to concentrate on their daily business while we ensure the smooth running of their facility.


Service & Solutions Div. Packages

  • Start-up & Commisioning
  • Warranty Program
  • Multi-Brand Support Services
  • End-2-End HVAC Support Services

  • Tube Cleaning & Scaling
  • Commercial Duct Cleaning
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Maintenance

  • Oil Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Thermography Analysis
  • Water Flow Measurement
  • Air Flow Measurement
  • AirRefrigerant Analysis for R134a

  • Repair
  • Recommissioning
  • Overhaul
    • Minor Overhaul
    • Major Overhaul

  • Retrofit Kit
  • Emergency Kit
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Multi-Brand Spare Parts

  • Ad-Hoc Inspection
  • Annual General Inspection
  • HVAC System Assesstment

Retrofit, Convertion & Upgrade

  • Refrigerant Retrofit (Convertion)
  • System Retrofit
  • Control Panel Reftrofit for McQuay. Microtech 100/200/2 (old version), to upgrade to Mt2
  • Microcomputer control panel printer Retrofit
  • VSD Retrofit
  • Indoor Air Quality TiO2 Retrofit
  • Compressor Retrofit
  • Driveline Retrofit
  • Pumps VFD
  • Smart Purge Retrofit
  • High Effeciency Purge Unit
  • Solid State Starter Retrofit
  • PressurePak(Pressurization device for leak detection)
  • Ventguard relief valve & rupture disk
  • ED2000 Antifouling System
  • Remote Monitoring & DIagnostic (RMD) / Integrated System Network (ISN)
  • Cooling Tower Upgrade
  • Piping Improvement
  • Air-2-Water Cooled Conversion

Rebuild / Refurbish

  • Motor
  • Compressor

TAB (Testing, Adjusting & Balancing)

  • Replacement
  • Coil Replacement
  • Chiller Replacement
  • Reciprocoating Compressor Replacement
  • Heat-Exchanger Replacement

Refrigerant Storage & Recycling Systems

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Insullation
  • Chiller Plant Automation (CPA)
  • Operation
  • Operation Management
  • System Development (Best Practice)
  • HVAC System Re-Engineering
  • HVAC System Integration
  • Project Management Services
  • Facility Management Services