FWW-V( Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit)


Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit


■ Light-weighted, good-looking appearance, and compact and solid structure.
■ 235 mm height, allowing installation on the ceiling with a limited space.

■ Low-noise motor for driving the low speed fan with a wide impeller; strictly tested before delivery.
■ Precise distance between the impeller inlet/outlet and the heat exchanger for more reasonable air flow distribution.
■ Highly efficient sound-absorbing and heat-preserving materials inside to minimize noises produced by the unit.

■ Single-phase capacitor motor with the protection grade IP20 and insulation grade B to ensure operation safety.
■ Permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearing with high precision, which is provided by internationally famous brands and receives processing including hardening and tempering as well as chroming.
■ Motor power outlet wires protected by metal hoses to ensure its durability.
■ Working pressure up to 1.6 MPa and test pressure up to 2.0 MPa for the heat exchanger to endure high pressures and prevent leakage.

High Efficiency
■ Heat exchanger with the high-quality mechanically expanded copper pipe and hydrophilic aluminum fins to ensure high efficiency.
■ Intensified air supply using a large air flow fan with a wide impeller to maximize the heat transfer performance.
■ Precise matching of the fan and motor to guarantee the maximum cooling capacity but a low power input.

■ Multiple external static pressures designed based on the unit’s cooling capacity, meeting the air supply requirements at different distances.
■ Optional bottom return air plenum or back return air plenum with support for onsite changes, featuring time saving.
■ Variable accessories for more options.

■ Delicate condensate-proof drain pan made of the cold-rolled steel through one-time impact molding, with coating on both sides and high-quality heat-preserving materials on the exterior.
■ Unique independent mounting bracket without soldering seams or joints, requiring no bolts for fixing to prevent damages to the drain pan heat-preserving layer or cold bridges.
■ Tilt structure for rapid condensate water drainage.

Capacity : 200 to 1,400 CFM
Made in China