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Seminar Daikin di Hotel Aston, Simatupang 28 Juli 2022

Photo Peserta Seminar Hotel Aston, 28 Juli 2022

High Performance Chiller Plant

Take Away Messages : 

  • For high performance chiller plant, plant design parameters (water flow rate and temperature) have to be optimized during design phase.
  • Low water flow rate is highly recommended for high performance chiller plant in order to minimize pumping energy.
  • Low chilled water flow would provide positive impact on plant efficiency for all chiller types due to significant pumping energy reduction, chiller efficiency may or may not lose depending on leaving water temp design, cooling coils need to be selected based on low flow.
  • Optimal water temp design depends on application requirement, chiller types, and real world operating and weather conditions.
  • Be careful when applying low flow on condenser water loop, need to evaluate the chiller types, real operating condition, and weather condition, evaluate if the condenser pump and CT saving could offset the more energy consumed by selected chiller.
  • When applying low flow to VPF system, consider both design delta T and minimum flow rate requirement.
  • Low water flow fits well with all basic plant configurations, especially for constant and series flow system.

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